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Clubspeed increases deal velocity by 3x with faster onboarding process

“Without Nova, I’d have to triple my payment staff to keep up with the flow. We've tripled our business flow and we've kept the same amount of people.”


Clubspeed is the industry leader of venue management software for family entertainment centers. With more than 2,000 customers across the globe, Clubspeed’s growth is a reflection of its commitment to provide best-in-class software that streamlines business operations and improves revenue.

Onboarding corporate entities requires capturing many unique pieces of information. Clubspeed had previously managed this process with multiple systems that were not fully integrated. Business customers would enter information into multiple electronic PDFs, which were manually reviewed by Clubspeed’s team. Any errors or discrepancies required new documents to be created and additional reviews for the internal team. Payment verification was handled through email or fax, and customer communication lived in various places.

The combination of these disparate systems resulted in hours of manual work and unnecessary paper chasing. Tim Gentry, President at Clubspeed, knew this process would not be sustainable with the company’s rapid growth.


For Clubspeed, an improved onboarding process meant consolidating multiple touchpoints into one centralized platform, with the ability for the internal operations team to monitor onboarding statuses. Nova’s workflows provided a digital webform experience for Clubspeed’s customers to easily fill out information, a secure platform to review sensitive information, and friendly email reminders to help customers complete their onboarding process.

Webforms tailored for business onboarding

In partnership with Nova’s solutions architects, Clubspeed’s electronic PDFs were transformed into digital workflows designed for onboarding corporate entities. Customers used Nova to fill out their entity information and field parameters in the forms ensure the information was captured accurately.

Secure platform to store and review sensitive information

Prior to Nova, customers sent documents through email and fax, causing a considerable increase in back-and-forth communication. With Nova, customers now upload documents directly into the platform and Clubspeed can review and communicate with their clients in a unified platform.

Automated email reminders to encourage completion

Nova tracks onboarding progress for each customer and sends out friendly email reminders when the process is incomplete. This automation saves Clubspeed’s team numerous hours from manually tracking down customers and reminding them of their progress.

“The automation of forms within a very clean interface allows us to send friendly reminders to customers instead of having to do it all manually. Nova has unlocked the ability for us to continue to grow without having to hire additional staff.”


Transforming a multi-faceted and disjointed process into a frictionless digital platform improved Clubspeed’s speed and efficiency to close deals, all while enhancing the customer experience. Gentry said Clubspeed has closed three times more deals simply because Nova gives their team the capacity to process deals faster.

Prior to Nova, businesses took two weeks to complete Clubspeed’s process. Now, 85% of Clubspeed customers complete documents within 48 hours. Gentry noted their leadership team has better transparency by having one central dashboard to review customers’ progress, as well as any areas of their onboarding process that may be causing friction.

According to Gentry, a best-in-class experience eliminated the manual bottlenecks and accumulated hours previously spent on onboarding, which will help the company scale more effectively moving forward.

“The platform was totally built for what we're trying to do. Nova took multiple engagement points and functional areas and collapsed it into one,” Gentry said. “Nova saved me a lot of time, saved my customers a lot of frustration — and I don’t have to hire more people to take on the additional load of our growth.”

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